Bernice’s Place: An After School and Summer Program for Homeless and At-Risk Children

Where do our homeless children go after school and in the summer months?


Bernice’s Place is the answer for many homeless and at-risk children in Elizabeth.


We bus children to and from our program…taking them out of shelters and temporary housing and giving them a safe, fun, and supportive environment where they can socialize with other children and in many cases, build long-lasting bonds with these children. Often embarrassed about their home life situation, these children benefit from meeting and socializing with other homeless and near-homeless children. Knowing that they are not alone.


While in our program, they receive a healthy meal and snack. For many, this meal and the school lunches are the only meals they eat. In the summer months, when school is out, these meals are even more meaningful to the children and their families.


What’s more, in addition to giving these kids a safe and supportive place to study, learn, and play, we offer the families the benefit of our other programs and services.  Whether the family needs rental assistance to keep their home, transitional housing to save up for another home, or assistance in developing their resume or finding a job, our staff is here to help. Your support of our mission makes this holistic approach possible.


Fill out the form below to volunteer with Bernice’s Place and help give homeless and at-risk children a place to be a kid.


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