Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is an enthusiastic team of active and retired professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries. This energetic group brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and community support to help the homeless.





President, Michael Fabricant, Ph.D.

Executive Officer, Doctor of Social Welfare Program,

Graduate Center, Hunter School of Social Work


Vice President, Betsy Fabricant

Director of Support Services, Footsteps, Fundraising, Program, and Board Development committees


Secretary, Kathy Skrupskis

Board of Development and Fundraising committees


Treasurer, Richard A. Cleaveland

Finance committee


Cindy Boyea, RPA, CPM

Property Manager, Paramount Group Inc, NYC

Program committee


Jeff Crum

Director of Real Estate, NJ Community Capital

Property committee


Susan Cuevas

Property manager


Emily Driscoll-Kelly

Fundraising committee


Catherine Felegi

Program committee


Barbara Gaines

Program committee


Amanda Leon de Gavarrete

Program committee


Eileen Martines

Fundraising and Communications committees


Susan Rifkin

Athletic Director, Bruriah High School

Board Development and Program committees


Marta Rivera

Branch Manager, Garden State Community Bank, member of NYCB family of Banks

Fundraising committee


Stephen V. St. Hilaire, Esq.

Retired Attorney, Central Jersey Legal Services

Property and Program committees


Veronica Thomas

Program committee


Allie Tunis

Program committee





Roy Thomas Colicchio


Gerard Campbell

Retired Vice President, JP Morgan Chase


Edith Cheney, EdS.

Emeritus Member, Therapist, St. Joseph’s Social Service Center

Board Development committee


Sr. Jacinta Fernandes, OSB, MSW

Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Social Service Center

Board Development Committee


Ellie Lesperance

Retired Assistant Chief Investigator, Office of the Public

Defender, Law Guardian Program in Newark

Program committee


Arthur Martines

Retired Vice President of Human Resources, Saint Barnabas Health Care System

Finance and HR Development committees


Shelley Rothenberg

Finance committee


Patricia Ann Vogler, Esq.

Basketball commmittee


Donna Grozuczak, Esq.

Special Fundraising Events committee






Linda Flores-Tober

Executive Director, The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless